How to Gain Representation in Art Galleries

Do you want to display your craft in art galleries and on Top 20 Writing Services in 2020, yet you don’t know where to start? Well, the first thing you should bear in mind is that galleries aren’t your only option. There are always several other opportunities where you can sell your works of art.

Getting into an art gallery can be your ultimate goal. So, start with baby steps while having your end goal in mind.

Find a Gallery that Best Suits Your Work

The first step is to do meticulous research. Galleries sell art, but that doesn’t automatically mean that they will sell yours. Note that gallerists have different focus, interests, and styles. So, doing research will help you find a gallery that best suits your works of art.

Build a Genuine Relationship with the Gallery

Sign up for newsletters, attend events, and find out what you can offer to the gallery to gain their trust. Always carry with you your business card every time you show up at events, and challenge yourself to communicate with at least three different persons. You’ll never know you could be having a conversation with the gallerist’s best friend.

Say Something About Your Work

The story behind your work is the heart of your art. Writing a statement about your art helps your audience connect and better understand it. Your art will not explain itself; it has to have a story, whether it be anecdotal, emotional, inspirational, historical, or political.

Though galleries nowadays don’t allow studio visits any longer, you may need to prepare if they do. So, prepare a 30-minute presentation with food and practice what you have to say about your art.

If you have a website, finding writers online can be another option. Note that art galleries fancy exhibition schemes that stand out. Art-lovers and investors will also want to know more about your biography, and gallery visitors will want to discover more about the story behind your art.

Bring Your Own Crowd

What’s the point of preparing an event without an audience? So, make sure to bring your audience to the gallery. Trace people who have interests in your art through your mailing list. Work harder than the gallery in promoting your events and filling it with people. Working with a gallery is a partnership where both sides play the same roles.

Learn the Policies of the Gallery

Now that you’ve built a relationship with the gallerist, seek to learn their submission policies. You wouldn’t want to break the partnership you’ve developed just by breaking simple submission rules.

Pay Commissions Willingly

Most often, artists will have to pay a maximum of 60% to the gallery, so they complain about it. Remember that the gallery is giving you clients, so give them the wage they deserve gladly. However, if they get half of your profit, make sure that they deserve it.

If you fail at your first attempt, remember that failure is always part of success. Learn, repeat, and never quit.

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