We are an ethnic educational charity that aims to educate people around the world with regards to the national art collection of United Kingdom. We believe that the accessibility of art should be democratised in our advocacy.

With our partnership with more than 3,000 British organisations, Transnational’s website is considered the online art gallery for all of the UK’s public collection. Whether it is for educational purposes or pleasure, everyone is welcome to view the artworks on our website. They are displayed in hospitals, universities, town halls, museums, and other public infrastructures nationwide.

What makes us special is that we give you the privilege to view the vast collection of artworks as 80% of them are not available for public view. This became possible with the help of various generous private and public contributors.

So far, we were able to achieve the following accomplishments:

  • Digitised over 200,000 masterpieces from more than 40,000 artists
  • Our Masterpieces in Schools program was able to bring a Monet and other amazing artworks to different schools
  • Generated the necessary commercial profits for local galleries and museums
  • Through our Art Detective, we helped professionals and public interests unravel artwork uncertainties
  • Educated the public about the stories behind various artworks
  • Created important educational resources and public involvement prospects

Presently, our primary mission is to digitise and document the country’s sculptures for both those in collections and public areas. In February 2019, we had our first-ever sculpture displayed on our site. Also, with our increasing interest in paper arts such as drawings, paintings, and watercolours, this will raise our artwork collections to over a million.

Whether you’re a local or from another country, we hope that you will be able to enjoy and be amazed by the beauty and stories of UK’s astonishing art collections when you visit our website.