Ancient Greece was the origin of Western science which is was considered one of their branches of philosophy. However, modern science actually came from alchemy where there was a futile hunt for methods that could transform gold from base metal. This can be seen today with modern pregnancy and the science to make the process easier for mothers. In the 17th century, such practices were...
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Invention and Experiments

Old methods in science experiments came from alchemy where there was a futile quest for the philosopher's stone which was believed to transform a base metal to gold. In the 17th century, such practices were depicted by several Dutch and Flemish paintings, though Holland still remained as the place where modern science was applied. The way science become more logical as tons of experiments were...
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Medicine, among the earliest forms of science, has contributed a very significant part in human life. It was established through the use of herbal products and guesswork. Back then, the use of sharp practices and charlatanism was allowed until the 18th century where it began to be informed through scientific procedures and analyses. In the following century, imitations of such practices could be...
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