Artist Talk: Nihonga and the Recent Site-specific Works of Toshiyuki Higashi

TrAIN Recommends (external event)

Toshiyuki Higashi, one of Japan’s prominent masters of Nihonga (Japanese traditional painting style) will visit the Japan Foundation to explain the characteristics of this historical and unique style of art through a very special illustrated lecture, including discussion of the techniques and tools used. As well as explaining the Nihonga style, and practical techniques used, Mr Higashi will take time to talk about his recent major commissions, completing Nihonga works on the ceilings of Ryozen-ji Temple and Kensho-ji Temple, Tokushima and Soken-ji Temple, Tokyo. There will also be an explanation and DVD presentation of Mr Higashi’s current work producing Nihonga screen paintings.
Mr Higashi will be introduced at this event by Professor Toshio Watanabe, Chelsea College of Art & Design