TrAIN Open Lecture: Stefanie Kettel, Balmoral Artist in Residence 'Anywhere is Somewhere Else'| Introduced by Toshio Watanabe |

Open Lecture


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Anywhere is Somewhere Else

Stefanie Kettel is a 2011 Artist in Residence with the TrAIN and the Kunstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral exchange programme. During her residency with TrAIN (January-June 2011) Stefanie Kettel designed a new series of paintings and collages. She also introduced a new facet to her work by creating a short film. In her lecture she will show her work and explain her working methods.
Stefanie studied Fine Arts at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main with Hermann Nitsch and Simon Starling. She lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.

Kettel’s paintings begin as a computer-generated collage/design, which is then artistically transferred on to canvas. The resulting motifs and structures take on a new, individual, and unique, form. Images from newspapers, magazines, advertisements of different contexts and decades, as well as the artist’s own photographs serve as templates.

Through her portrayal of nature, Kettel creates an entirely different world with a disturbing and mysterious ambience. It is the ‘nowhereness’ of the setting that allows the scenes to appear so unusual and eerie. She allows the existence of a world where dream and reality seem to be careening. Clean lines and constructive nesting exemplify the conditions and the aesthetics of our time and are therefore in contrast with the ornamental, organic forms of natural environmental surroundings. The works question our interaction with the environment, the mutual relations of our internal and exterior feelings; that influences us on both sides.

Stefanie Kettel plays with the memory of stories without representing reality. Her works convey total peace in their timeless moment, a remembrance of photo albums that flashes up briefly and than fades. Psychological, social and cultural references are reflected in the works. The hybrid structures that can be studied in the artist’s works correspond to the hybrid culture in which we live today.

This event is free and open to all but places are limited so please RSVP to book your place, by emailing