TrAIN collaboration with Fundacion Magnolia | The influence of Arte Povera on Contemporary Latin American Art


A round table discussion
The influence of Arte Povera on Contemporary Latin American Art
Explored through discussion between Chilean artist Catarina Bauer, Mexican Artist Alejandro Almanza Pereda, and CCW/TrAIN Reader in the Theory and History of Art, Dr Michael Asbury

Introduced by Sara Angel Guerrero-Rippberger
Moderated by Caroline Menezes & Marina Kurikhina

Card Room (A115), Atterbury Street Entrance Chelsea College of Art & Design
16 John Islip Street

This event is free and open to all but has limited availability

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  • Asbury2ln_thumb

    Dr Michael Asbury

    TrAIN Member

    I was born in Teresópolis, in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, the son of British missionaries. After twenty years in Brazil I came to England to study engineering but fortunately to myself (and others) changed course and went on to complete an MA in The Study of Contemporary Art at Liverpool University and a PhD in the History and Theory of Art at The London Institute (now UAL).
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  • Carolpapel_thumb

    Caroline Menezes

    Current PhD - Curatorship and the mapping the ‘artistic project’ of post-Duchampian art in Brazil and the UK in the late 20thC

    My research focuses on the problem of re-exhibiting a post-Duchampian artwork. Post-Duchampian practices can be defined as those that make regular use of abstract concepts as the key instrument for creative production rather than a tangible medium.
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