TrAIN Open Lecture - Sabeth Buchmann – Economies of Gender: about the relation of art, architecture, and media culture in Dorit Margreiter's work

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Dorit Margreiter Grandeur et décadence d´un petit commerce de cinéma, 2004 Two channel 16mm film and video installation Videostill

TrAIN Open Lecture – Sabeth Buchmann – Economies of Gender: about the relation of art, architecture, and media culture in Dorit Margreiter’s work

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Sabeth Buchmann is an Art historian and critic in Berlin/ Vienna, Professor of the History of Modern and Postmodern Art at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Her recent publications include Denken gegen das Denken. Produktion – Technologie – Subjektivität bei Sol LeWitt, Yvonne Rainer und Hélio Oiticica (2006), Art After Conceptual Art (ed. with Alexander Alberro, 2006), Film Avantgarde Biopolitik (ed. with Helmut Draxler and Stephan Geene, 2009). She is co-editor of PoLyPen – a book series on art criticism, aesthetics and political theory (b_books, Berlin), as well as a regular contributor to art magazines, catalogues and anthologies.

The political upheavals of 1989 not only redrew the political map of Europe; they also lent new force to a process comprised under the umbrella term ‘globalization’. This shift left its mark on the era’s discourses about cultural, economic, and social conditions of art production – conditions which let post- and neo-conceptual artists rediscover those models of art practice which reflect themselves as part of processes of urbanisation and mediatisation. The claim to produce artistic knowledge about and aesthetic perception of the changing social nature of real and symbolic spaces let artists like Dorit Margreiter and others, who started their career in the early nineties, show particular interest in those aspects of architecture and modern media culture that attest to the interwovenness of (retro-)avant-gardist utopias with ruling value systems. This lecture will discuss Margreiter’s aesthetic and epistomological readings of the shifting gender relations as a constitutive part of and contradiction to existing art historical narrations.

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