TrAIN Open Lecture | NEOCONCRETISM and the Problem of the Painting's Other Side

Open Lecture


“I destroy the fixed plane which has a reverse side, and I rebuild it loose in the space without a support or reverse side“.

Lygia Clark , 1960.

Neoconcretism in general has initiated a move away from the fixed plane of the painting which has a hidden other side.
The talk by Professor Gregor Stemmrich (Freie Berlin University) will focus on this move, but will start with investigating its preconditions. Since “concrete art“ as a concept was formulated by European artists, yet nothing like Neoconcretism has emerged in European art, the conditions of the reception, discussion and transformation of „concrete art“ in Brasil have to be clarified. Instead of isolating Neoconcrete art by focussing solely on it, thoughout the talk developments in European and US-American art will be related to it, in order to give different perspectives on the problem of the painting’s other side. This raises the question of how to deal art historically with Neoconcrete art, which will be discussed at the end of the talk.

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