The Many Faces of Frida Kahlo


This international two day symposium addresses the Frida Kahlo phenomenon today, and its influence on different areas of late twentieth and early twenty-first century culture.

It explores Kahlo’s impact across a range of disciplines and audiences, including fine art, design, film, fashion and feminist and post-colonial cultural theory.

Speakers include Dawn Ades, Amalia Mesa-Bains, Gannit Ankori, Whitney Chadwick, Luis-Martin Lozano, Carlos Monsiváis and Laura Mulvey.

Convened by Oriana Baddeley (TrAIN) and Dominic Wilsdon (Tate) the symposium forms part of the public programme for the major Tate Modern retrospective ‘Frida Kahlo’.

The catalogue to this exhibition includes Oriana Baddeley’s essay ‘Reflecting on Kahlo: Mirrors, Masquerade and the Politics of Identification’, which addresses the changing nature of Kahlo’s reputation and impact since the publication of Baddeley’s early writing on this subject in 1991.


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