Apt Art: On the walls, en plein air and beyond the fence

Open Lecture


Courtesy Vadim Zakarov

Join us on Friday 23 May 2014 for ‘Apt Art: On the walls, en plein air and beyond the fence’, a personal account by Vadim Zakharov.

The Apt Art project first took form as a show in the Moscow apartment of artist Nikita Alekseev in 1982. Developing the Soviet tradition of clandestine apartment exhibitions of the 1970s, Apt Art shows presented multiple installations made by artists in situ from ephemeral materials. It had an energy that was redoubled by the intimate setting, later spilling out into exhibitions on the outskirts of Moscow for ‘Apt Art en Plein Air’ and ‘Apt Art Beyond the Fence’, before being forced to end its activities in 1984. Vadim Zakharov will discuss his experiences of participating in Apt Art, while sharing images from his personal archive. Offering insight into the artistic scene in Soviet Russia in the 1980s, his talk will also reflect on the issues around making art public at the time.

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