TrAIN Open Lecture by Mizuki Takahashi Overwriting Gendered Bodies: A Practice with Chikako Yamashiro and Meiro Koizumi

Open Lecture


Chikako Yamashiro Your voice came out through my throat, 2009 Film (transferred to DVD) 7min.

13 May 2015 5.30-7.00pm

Main Lecture Theatre
Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street
London SW1P 4JU

Ethnicity, nationality, sexuality and social class are our default body settings. While these attributes are rooted in our behaviour and perspective, there still exists free space to customize them through experiences in both public and private domains such as the family, office and school.

In this lecture Takahashi will talk about her recent practice with two Japanese contemporary artists – Chikako Yamashiro (b.1976, based in Okinawa) and Meiro Koizumi (b.1976, based in Kanagawa). Their works reveal a strong interest in the body as “topos” in which identity is constructed through the memory of war, stereotypical Japanese masculinity images and the political tension between the Japanese government and Okinawa.

With the video works by Yamashiro and Koizumi, their continuing struggle to overwrite our respective gendered bodies through sharing individual experiences, idea and historical memories will be presented.

Mizuki Takahashi is a senior curator at Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito and she is currently based in London as a visiting researcher in Central Saint Martins. Takahashi has realized cross-disciplinary exhibitions addressing various contemporary cultures from manga, architecture, performance, film, music and visual art. Her curated exhibitions in and outside Japan include “Eight Days : Beuys in Japan” (Art Tower Mito, 2009, partly toured to Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, 2011) , “Quiet Attentions: Departure from Women” (Art Tower Mito, 2011), and “Tadasu Takamine’s Cool Japan”.

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