The Borders of Globalization: Gendered Art Practices in the Age of Capital

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Contemporary art is embedded within the very structures that characterise globalization – from the transnational circulation of artworks as commodities to the cross-cultural exchange of images, objects and ideas. Contemporary artists traverse the same routes as empowered, metropolitan elites and the economic migrants left in their wake, and, arguably, the territories described by these global circuits are always, already gendered. The specificity of women’s encounters with globalization thus tend to be marginalised, or subsumed within, masculine-normative accounts in the literature.This paper will explore the diverse ways in which women’s art practices offer spaces of resistance and reflection to the dominant modes of understanding and communication in the age of globalization.

Professor Price is a reader in the History of Art at the University of Bristol, author of a number of publications on German art in the 20thC and aspects of contemporary diasporic art, including Women, the arts and globalization co-edited with Marsha Meskimmon and published in 2013. She is Research Lead for the Transnational Modernisms Research Cluster at Bristol and General Series Editor of the Peter Lang book series Transnational Cultures. She is currently working on several exhibition projects relating to her research in gender and German modernism.

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