TrAIN Open: Unpacking Blackness - An Open Conversation with Ash Sharma and Paul Goodwin

Open Lecture


Said Adrus and Bhajan Hunjan, Trespassing

This event is an invitation to the audience to join in an open discussion about the politics, culture and aesthetics of ‘blackness’ today in a transnational context. How is blackness being (re)defined in the 21st century in relation to ongoing and urgent questions of state violence, mass migration, fluid gender and sexual identities and renewed calls for politicised aesthetics? What are the implications and problematics of the debates around blackness for contemporary art and culture? Two important researchers in the fields of contemporary art, media and cultural studies – Paul Goodwin and Ash Sharma – invite the audience to engage in a debate after short presentations of their ongoing research on this question.

Ashwani Sharma is a Principal Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of East London (UEL), and a member of the Centre for Cultural Studies Research at UEL. He teaches, researches and has published in the areas of race, postcolonialism, visual, urban, digital and popular culture. He is completing a book on race and contemporary visual culture, and is an editor of Dis-Orienting Rhythms: The Politics of the New Asian Dance Music. Ash is the founding co-editor of the journal darkmatter, where he has edited numerous issues including on ‘Post-Racial Imaginaries’ and ‘The Wire.’ He is a member of the Black Study Group (London).

Paul Goodwin is a professor of Contemporary Art and Urbanism at UAL and the Director of TrAIN.

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