TrAIN Recommends: Jessica Ogden: Still Private View and Exhibition

TrAIN Recommends (external event)


(detail) Quilt by Jessica Ogden for A.P.C., photographed by Alfredo Piola

Curated by Professor Carol Tulloch

The exhibition is an autobiographical display based on a ‘curatorial conversation’ between the artist and designer Jessica Ogden and Professor Carol Tulloch.

Ogden was born and raised in Jamaica. She studied art in the America and England where she established her fashion label, Jessica Ogden, in 1993. Since 2006 Ogden has worked with fashion house A.P.C. in Paris. In 2015 Ogden returned to live and practice in Jamaica.

Featuring a selection of objects from her archive of designs and contextual resource collection, Jessica Ogden: Still will reflect on her practice, as well as familial and cultural influences, to present a new understanding of her work. The exhibition space, a vacant shop in Church Street, Marylebone, will also be a working studio hosting weekly workshops where, for example, Ogden will encourage local residents to explore their making skills to produce a community piece that narrates local and personal histories.

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