Leon Wainwright - Artworks and the Transnational Caribbean

Open Lecture

Between 2004 and 2005 Leon Wainwright completed long-term fieldwork on issues around art and agency in Trinidad, Guyana and other locations in the Caribbean. He is now working on two publications, one of which relates to an assembled community of artists in contemporary Britain, and the other – which will be the subject of this Open Lecture – concerning British and Caribbean relations in the visual arts. Shortly after his lecture at TrAIN, Wainwright will deliver a series of lectures for the Arts Research Center, University of California, Berkeley.

“How might artworks with Caribbean connections be understood in terms of the ‘Trojan nationalisms’ described by Arjun Appadurai, as forms that ‘actually contain transnational, subnational links and, more generally, nonnational identities and aspirations’? Focusing on the transmission of visual knowledge across colonial and post-colonial territories and national borders, this presentation will evaluate the importance of artworks for entwining histories of the Anglophone Caribbean and the former colonial metropole. Particular attention will be given to the artist Frank Bowling and his London-based years of the early 1960s, the question of remembering his relation to ‘Pop’, and imaginary as well as travelled routes of interconnection among various Atlantic locations.”

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  • Leon Wainwright

    Guest Speaker - 12th February 2008

    Leon Wainwright is Lecturer in History of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University, and a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Third Text. He completed his PhD at SOAS, and was formerly Research Fellow in Visual Culture and Media for the curriculum change project, GLAADH at Middlesex University, and Lecturer in Art History at the University of Sussex.
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