Götz Diergarten - METROpolis

Open Lecture


Götz Diergarten

Work in progress from the series METROpolis (Budapest, 2006)

Courtesy and © the artist

Photographer Götz Diergarten is currently in the UK as Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral Artist in Residence at TrAIN. The residency is supporting the research and development of a new European photography project entitled METROpolis. Diergarten will be discussing the development of this project, and the relevance of the Becher school to his training and practice.

Researched and developed with the support of the residency, Diergarten’s current project systematically explores the underground railway stations of 22 European capital cities. His photographs of these public yet anonymous spaces extract the unique from the banal; concentrating on colour and form, they expose and identify difference from country to country. The completed series will be exhibited on city billboards across Europe, and published as a book.

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    Götz Diergarten

    Resident Artist - KSB at TrAIN 2006/07

    Photographer Götz Diergarten (b. Mannheim, 1972) studied in Düsseldorf with Bernd Becher, who with Hilla Becher was highly influential in the development of the new German photography exemplified by the work of Andreas Gursky, Candida Höfer, Thomas Struth and Thomas Ruff.
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