Cinema and the Salvation of Whiteness

Open Lecture

The range of films from the USA and the UK that have deliberately sought to take the violence of racism as their main focus is steadily increasing. In relation to the films that will be investigated within this lecture Raimi Gbadamosi is interested in understanding ‘mainstream’ violence and the way in which narratives ultimately allow (in fact demand) for identification with the main racist characters. Regardless of the position taken by the narrator, there is an attempt to exonerate the empowered prejudice of the white characters. As a consequence, Gbadamosi argues, film has become a place of confession with the violence of filmed characters acting as penance for collective guilt.

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  • Raimi Gbadamosi

    Guest Speaker - 2006

    Dr Raimi Gbadamosi is Research Fellow at the Slade School of Fine Art. An artist, writer and curator, he is a member of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on ‘Afroeuropeans’ at the University of Leon, Spain, and is on the editorial panel of Axis’ online journal, DIALOGUE.
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