Annotating Art’s Histories

Open Lecture


This lecture focuses on the editorial process behind the ‘Annotating Art’s Histories’ series published by inIVA and MIT Press.
Art History has been transformed over the past twenty years by the arrival of fresh questions about the creative dynamics of cultural difference in the visual arts. Examining interactions among non-western artists and artists from culturally diverse backgrounds alongside western art movements that have engaged with different cultures, the series of publications Annotating Art’s Histories breaks through the separate areas of study to build up an innovative and accessible understanding of key topics from 20th century art. Building on the insights of visual culture and post-colonial studies, the series moves beyond identity-based discourse to explore modern art history from 1890 to the 1980s as a shared narrative of art and culture now told from many different points of view.


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    Kobena Mercer is Senior Research Fellow in Visual Culture and Media at Middlesex University, London, where he writes and teaches on the visual arts of the black diaspora. He is the author of Welcome to the jungle: New Positions in Black Cultural Studies (1994) and monographs on artists including Keith Piper (1997), Isaac Julien (2001) and James Van Der Zee (2002).
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