Mami Kataoka: Fragments of our time; New Japanese Contemporary Art

Open Lecture

Globalisation and multiculturalism since the 1990s have created an unprecedented interest in contemporary Japanese art in the international world. The new images of contemporary Japanese culture have been widely disseminated with the introduction of new terms such as ‘cool Japan’, kawaii, anime and otaku, and artists who reflected these new images, such as Nara Yoshitomo and Murakami Takashi, have become internationally known. Meanwhile, young artists who were born after the 1970s have been turning away from these images and concentrating on smaller, fragmented, fragile, floating expressions that connect their works in an extremely loose manner. This lecture will illustrate the current trend of contemporary Japanese art since 2000 and discuss relevant social historical and generational issues.

Open Lecture by guest speaker Mami Kataoka, a curator who divides her time between two cities as international curator at the Hayward, London and senior curator at the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo.

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  • Mami Kataoka

    Guest Speaker

    Mami Kataoka is international curator at the Hayward, London, where she curated “Laughing in a Foreign Language” (2008) an exhibition exploring a role of humour in diverse cultures. Splitting her time between two cities, she also works as senior curator at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo.
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