At Your Service

TrAIN Recommends (external event)

The David Roberts Art Foundation launches its Curators’ Series with the opening of At Your Service, a group exhibition organised by its first guest curator, Cylena Simonds.

Artists: Raul Ortega Ayala, Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson, Sue Collis, Yara El Sherbini, David Ersser, Mauricio Guillen, Graham Hudson, Gayle Chong Kwon, Harold Offeh, Nada Prlja, Ana Prvacki, Manuela Ribadeneira, Paul Rooney.

At Your Service engages the dynamics of the service and hospitality industries, examining aspects such as building construction, cleaning and catering as a way of addressing concepts of belonging, patterns of migration and the less-than-distinct roles of host/guest and native/foreigner. The artworks investigate themes within service labour such as routine, invisibility and the mundane. Juxtaposed with these works are projects that explore the notion of contemporary art practice as a service to the public.


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  • Cylena Simonds

    Guest Speaker

    Cylena Simonds is an independent curator working with the politics of representation and the representation of politics within contemporary art. From 2004-2008 she was Exhibitions Curator at Iniva, heading their on-site and touring programme as well as off-site public art projects.
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