Black Pig City art collective proposal is to involve 9 students of Chelsea College of Art & Design in a BPC one-off event and to collaborate with the artists in the construction of a site-specific installation, which will be the main attraction of the event, the Phenomenal Manifestation of the Black Pig.

This workshop will not be open to the public and will be structured as a secret initiation: as Masters of the Black Pig Friends Masonic lodge, the artists will personally instruct participants.

The workshop will last 10 days and will take place in a marquee installed in the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground. It will be planned in two different phases: firstly, work will be focused on the production of the installation (stagecraft tasks). In the second phase, the Masters will train students for the circus show one-off event performance (Action practice tasks). Everyday there will be a different stage of technical knowledge, until the Manifestation day, the circus show, when finally everything will be shown publicly. In this occasion the participants will perform the show together with the Masters and will also get the privilege of wearing the Masonic symbols.