The Limit - Laureana Toledo



Laureana Toledo introduces her fan documentary on The Limit – a (fictional) “Sheffield band from Mexico”. Followed by a conversation with curator Gavin Wade.

“As a response to the commission of doing a piece of art in Sheffield addressed to an imaginary spectator that hates art, I decided to put together a cover band that would only play covers from bands from Sheffield– Pulp, Def Leppard, Human League, ABC, Joe Cocker and the Arctic Monkeys. The line up would be a very simple one: drums, guitar, bass, and a singer who played a little electronic piano. The band is named after a cult club in Sheffield, where most of the original bands had played, and that shut its doors in 1992; its members are musicians from four of the most important groups from the Mexican rock scene– Bengala, Zoé, DiscoRuido and Café Tacvba.

Very few people in England know of these bands. People in Mexico know lots of Sheffield bands (and from Birmingham, and from Manchester, and from Bristol…). Disguised as a 30 minute fan documentary, and accompanied by the publication of an artist book disguised as a magazine, The Limit investigates how information and pop culture are digested, how colonialism is still activating our fantasies and expectations, and how the secondary role of women around rock bands is funnily reversed."