Museums and Migration - a dialogue between David Dibosa and Seph Rodney

Open Lecture

A conversation between two London-based scholars who each, in their current research, are focusing on the museographic experiences of migrant viewers.
What are the narratives generated by museums, particularly national museums? To whom are these narratives addressed? What forces inform the visits to museums by persons from migrant or diasporic backgrounds? In their respective projects, Dibosa and Rodney challenge conventional tools of audience analysis by paying close attention to the visitor’s voice and to the ways in which it is carried and heard.

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    TrAIN Open Series

    The TrAIN Open series is a forum for invited speakers to present exhibition, publication, and research projects in the form of lectures, discussions and screenings.

    Taking place at fortnightly intervals on Wednesday evenings during the academic term, the series is open to the public, as well as staff and students across the University of the Arts London.
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Related People

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    Dr David Dibosa

    Guest Speaker - TrAIN Open 2009

    David Dibosa trained as a curator after receiving his first degree from Girton College, University of Cambridge. He was awarded his PhD in Art History from Goldsmiths College, University of London.
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  • Seph Rodney

    Guest Speaker

    Seph Rodney is currently writing a PhD in the London Consortium program on what is at stake in the museum visit. He examines the intersection of particular museum spaces with a particular life, to clarify the discourses that shape them in their meeting.
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  • Antony Hudek

    Guest Speaker

    Antony Hudek is research fellow at Ligatus, Camberwell College of Arts, currently working on a two-year, AHRC-funded project to digitise and make available online a substantial portion of the John Latham Archive in Peckham, London.
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