We at Transnational believe that knowledge is for all and that the quest for it is a never-ending process. Through our website, we are granting and reforming the way people from around the world access all of the UK’s public art collections.

From learning historic artworks and the stories behind them to participating in our renowned Art Detective project or discovering 40,000 artists and more than 220,000 art pieces, you have different options to choose from to gain the knowledge you need about history and arts.

Transnational directly collaborates with schools to provide an array of interesting and enjoyable activities to boost the students’ knowledge academically and in their personal lives. One of our ways to encourage students to be more involved in art is through our “Masterpieces in Schools” programme which enables students to see real original works of art at their schoolrooms.

Transnational is passionate to provide the best for everyone through our educational programmes and online contents. Don’t hesitate to contact us at learning@transnational.org.uk for more details.