Ana Araujo

TrAIN Associate Project Partner


A Senior Lecturer at CCW, Ana Araujo was awarded TrAIN Associate Project (TAP) seed funding to contribute to the realisation of an installation/workshop in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The workshop is taking place in the Community Centre of the largest slum in the city – the ‘Aglomerado da Serra’ – as part of a larger social project supported by a local university (for more details click here).

It is part of the ‘Mostra de Design’ event (29 April–30 May 2011), organized by Café com Letras and the ICC (Instituto de Cidades Criativas), and funded by the Centro Minas Design, Instituto Souza Cruz and Heineken.

Gathering together women from the slum community, art and design students, and specialised professionals, they will create an intervention in the Headquarters of the Community Centre of ‘Aglomerado da Serra’ employing the techniques of large-scale knitting and wall painting.

The aim of the project is threefold:

1. To highlight the building, as a means to celebrate the role it plays in the local community;
2. To teach the participants two new techniques – painting and knitting – as a means to support the professional development of the women from the slums (the choice of these techniques was based on local demand);
3. To encourage collaboration between professionals working in the areas of art and design and the slum community.

The project explores a transnational interaction in its interface with local craft and popular culture. Its outputs provide a platform for a renewed understanding of notions of ‘craft and affection’ and ‘self-telling narratives’. There will be a publication documenting the project.

The use of craft to encourage social and cultural inclusion and empower less privileged members of society has been a concern of Ana’s practice for a number of years. Some of her other projects can be found here. This project is a collaboration with art producer Silvia Herval, from the Inhotim Contemporary Art Museum. Their main consultants are Ana Vaz and Jane Araújo (knitting) and Mariana Brandão (wallpainting). The project was commissioned by Natacha Rena.

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