Sara Angel Guerrero Rippberger

Current PhD


Recent Publication | SOURCE: Notes in the History of Art

Performing Art & Post-Identity: Artist Groups in Latin American and Arab Cities, 2003-2011

As a conceptual move outside the popular binaries of north/south, third/first world, periphery/centre in contemporary art theory, my thesis analyses two previously un-compared histories: contemporary art processes from Latin American and Arab cities. A critique of post-colonial identity politics is the departure point for launching an inquiry into the construction of two regions in a global art scene. Do recent survey exhibitions disrupt or re-produce the geography of these regional and cultural identities? What role do artists play in the cultural representation of pan-ethnic areas? A new reading on the dominant historical narratives art and cultural identity is proposed through a comparative ethnographic study of artist groups in Beirut, Cairo, Mexico City, and San Salvador.

Sara has recently been published in SOURCE: Notes in the History of Art, Vol. XXXI No.3 Spring 2012

Article : Panethnicity, Postmodernity, and Artist Groups in Latin America and the Middle East, 2003-2010.


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