Prof Jane Collins will be contributing to the Performance Matters Symposium at Rutgers British Studies Center

Prof Jane Collins will be contributing to the Performance Matters Symposium at Rutgers British Studies Center.

Thursday 6th November 2014, 10am – 5pm, with reception to follow.

Alexander Library, Teleconference Lecture Hall, 169 College Avenue, New Brunswick NJ, US, 08901

Performance Matters: Strategy, Critique and the Politics of Romani Representation in the UK and Beyond

What are the political meanings, promises and foreclosures of Romani representation in Europe and the Americas and their relation to Romani-focused performance practice by Roma and non-Roma alike? What is the relation between performance, Romani identity and circuits of representation? This workshop-symposium will explore the effectiveness and possibility of performance as a means of political critique, commentary and allegiance, in order to examine its promise for rethinking politics in the current moment.

What can Romani performance practice draw from the interventions of artists working in other marginalized communities? What, in turn, can other communities learn from the performance work being done by Roma in the UK, across Europe and beyond? How is performance, Roma and non- Roma engaging available technologies to maximize effect? Over the course of a day-long symposium, marked by performance provocations, we will consider the openings for and potential of exchange, collaboration and critique across and among communities that are often see as separate, yet share parallel histories of oppression, exploitation and marginalization. Beginning with a common understanding that performance matters, this day long event will invite scholars and artists working in multiple sites of performance practice and coming from communities of color, queer and feminist communities,to discuss performance and political activism from a variety of perspectives. By sharing best practice, political critique and experience among performance activists, the seminar looks at the current claim-staking practices of performance, its critical stance and its multiple forms; we hope that this workshop-symposium will produce new possibilities in performance and politics alike.

Ethel Brooks (Rutgers University)
Fatimah Asghar (Poet & Performer)
DanieL Baker (Artist)
Jane Collins (University of the Arts, UK)
Aimee Cox (Fordham University)
Petra Gelbart (New York University)
May Joseph (Pratt Institute)
DeLaine Le Bas (Artist)
Siv Lie (New York University)
Snezana Otasevic (Rutgers University)

Monday 03 November, 2014