‘A Gift to Those who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Travelling.’

Exhibition dates: 3 October - 15 November

The exhibition ‘A Gift to Those…’ is the result of an exchange of two artists between the UK and Japan, undertaken to celebrate the 150th anniversary of formal links between the two countries. Tokyo-based artist Mio Shirai and London-based Erika Tan each spent the summer of 2008 in the other’s country of residence, undertaking a journey of discovery to unpick what cultural connections exist between Japan and Britain, and what separates them. Shirai was resident with Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art and /sLab at Sunderland University; and Tan was resident with BankART1929 and the Toyko National Graduate School in Yokohama, creating new bodies of work, displayed here.
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Monday 06 October, 2008