TrAIN/PPGAV public symposium at Tate Modern, London

With the support of Tate Modern, Camberwell College of Arts, Chelsea College of Art & Design and the Centre for Brazilian Studies, University of Oxford, this symposium forms part of our ongoing collaboration with EBA-PPGAV, the centre for post-graduate research at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. It coincides with the landmark Tate Modern exhibition Hélio Oiticica The Body of Colour and marks the launch of the TrAIN/EBA-PPGAV collaborative publication, Transnational Correspondence.

Speakers include: Moacir dos Anjos, independent curator based in Brazil; Michael Asbury, TrAIN; Oriana Baddeley, TrAIN; Guilherme Bueno, EBA-PPGAV, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Fernando Cocchiarali, Director, MAM-RJ – Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro; Gloria Ferreira, EBA-PPGAV; Deborah Cherry, TrAIN; Milton Machado, EBA-PPGAV; Toshio Watanabe, TrAIN; Paulo Venancio Filho, EBA-PPGAV; Isobel Whitelegg, Department of Art History &Theory, University of Essex; and Carlos Zilio, EBA-PPGAV.

Friday 03 August, 2007