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  • Announcement

    Afterlives of Monuments Conference

    The Afterlives of Monuments
    The British Academy has awarded TrAIN a grant for a major international conference to be held at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design on 29-30 April.

    The conference brings together leading scholars from South Asia, Europe and North America to debate the status and survivals of key markers in the colonial and post-colonial histories and spaces of South Asia. It also offers 2 international studentships for graduate researchers based in South Asia to attend the conference.
    For further information please click here.

    Thursday 26 November, 2009

  • Opportunity

    Black Pig Friends Secret Workshop

    Black Pig City art collective proposal is to involve 9 students of Chelsea College of Art & Design in a BPC one-off event and to collaborate with the artists in the construction of a site-specific installation, which will be the main attraction of the event, the Phenomenal Manifestation of the Black Pig.

    This workshop will not be open to the public and will be structured as a secret initiation: as Masters of the Black Pig Friends Masonic lodge, the artists will personally instruct participants.

    The workshop will last 10 days and will take place in a marquee installed in the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground. It will be planned in two different phases: firstly, work will be focused on the production of the installation (stagecraft tasks). In the second phase, the Masters will train students for the circus show one-off event performance (Action practice tasks). Everyday there will be a different stage of technical knowledge, until the Manifestation day, the circus show, when finally everything will be shown publicly. In this occasion the participants will perform the show together with the Masters and will also get the privilege of wearing the Masonic symbols.

    In order to apply and to attempt to participate in the secret workshop, visit the Black Pig Friends website for more details.

    The deadline for sending the application form is the 30th of September.
    Only the selected participants will be contacted by email on the 1st of October.

    Friday 25 September, 2009

  • Introduction

    'TrAIN to Bad Ems' in Berlin

    Under the aegis of the Summer of Culture Rhineland-Palatinate 2009 Cool Britannia and in partnership with the University of the Arts London, the Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral is carrying out the project ‘TrAIN to Bad Ems’. The project began during the artists’ visit to Bad Ems, was further developed over the summer, and is now concluding with an exhibition in the Kunstverein Tiergarten | Galerie Nord in Berlin from 25 September till 31 Ocotber 2009.

    “TrAIN” has a double meaning here: First, the title plays with the idea of traveling, of discovering a place, and of moving on and thereby creates a connection with the heyday of Bad Ems when spa guests came from all over the world. “TrAIN” also stands for the program of the Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation, of which the various academies in the association of the University of the Arts London are members.

    The perception of London’s identity as the metropolis of the British Empire has shifted over the last few decades. In former times, what was primarily seen was Britain’s and its capital’s great cultural influence in its empire spread across the continents. As colonialism receded and the “big brother’s” guilty conscience toward the nations it long regarded as subjects grew, people’s eyes opened for everything Britain and London in particular owe to the peoples of the Commonwealth of Nations.

    The artists in this exhibition, coming from all over the world, represent this new British society. With the various intellectual food for thought that they brought from their home countries, they contribute to the diversity of modern Britain.

    While Sutapa Biswas tries to direct the observer’s attention to shifts in temporal perception and the mediation of communication, Maria Laet follows the traces of time and points out its transience. Young Mi Kim sees parallels between the landscape and traditional costumes in Germany and her own tradition, and Karl Omarsson finds in historical facts, like the Emser Depeche, ideas for the duality of force fields, which he implements in his work in purely abstract forms. For Gladstone Thompson, the site where a work of art is created determines it, and so the work can take on extremely different forms – photography or painting – that conquer the site and become witnesses to its inner perception.

    Wednesday 23 September, 2009

  • Announcement

    Moacir dos Anjos - Sao Paulo Biennial

    TrAIN are delighted to announce that Moacir dos Anjos, who this month completed his one-year residency as Visiting Fellow at TrAIN, has been appointed as chief curator for the 29th São Paulo Biennial, which will take place in 2010 (specific dates tbc).
    During his fellowship Moacir played an active role within the activities of TrAIN, both inside the university and externally: including contributions to MA and PhD seminars, TrAIN open series and collaborations with South London Gallery.
    The announcement, by the press, came on the same day Moacir presented his end of placement paper to fellow staff and students at TrAIN. With characteristic modesty his paper focused on the work of artist Antonio Dias rather than his plans for the Biennial.
    According to the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo, the theme of the Biennial will involve ‘Politics, without the institutionalisation of the museum or the appeal for novelty of the art fair […] being organised as a discursive platform in which one of the central issues is the recognition of the ambiguous character of art since the abandonment of its role to represent the world.
    TrAIN wishes Moacir all the best in this new and challenging project and look forward to seeing the results.

    Monday 20 July, 2009

  • Announcement

    Subject: Alexandra Handal selected for New Contemporaries 2009

    We are delighted to announce that our TrAIN member, artist Alexandra Handal has been selected for New Contemporaries 2009, an exhibit which showcases emerging artists in the UK. The judges for this year were Wolfgang Tillmans, Ellen Gallagher, John Stezaker and Saskia Olde Wolbers. The exhibition launches at Cornerhouse, Manchester 11 September – 25 October 2009 and will then be shown at Club Row, Rochelle School, London later this year.

    Alexandra Handal is a Practice-based PhD candidate at Chelsea College of Art and Design and completing her final year. She is the recipient of the University of Arts London Research Studentship Award (2004) and Chelsea College of Art and Design Graduate Fund (2007, 2009). Her Director of Studies is Professor Toshio Watanabe and her Supervisors are Sutapa Biswas and Dr. Michael Asbury.

    Tuesday 02 June, 2009

  • Introduction

    TrAIN website

    There has been a problem with the distribution of TrAIN Newsletters over the past couple of months and we are trying to solve this at the moment. This may mean you will receive old letters and updates, for which our apologies.
    As there also seems to have been a problem with the admin@transnational.org.uk e-mail address, we suggest sending, or re-sending, any e-mail to which you have not received a reply to e.broer@chelsea.arts.ac.uk

    Friday 29 May, 2009

  • Announcement

    Fashioning Diasporas – International Conference

    15 and 16 May 2009.
    This major international conference brings together some of the most exciting thinkers on fashion, culture
    and identity to explore the relationship of diaspora communities, objects and spaces to the processes of
    clothing production and consumption in historical and contemporary world cultures. The conference is
    part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded Fashioning Diaspora Space project.
    £50 for two days, £25 for one day, concessions available
    To book, call +44 (0)20 7942 2211

    Tuesday 12 May, 2009

  • Introduction

    Open Seminar - 14 may

    The New Archive Documenting Visual Art from Latin America.

    TrAIN member Isobel Whitelegg, TrAIN visting fellow Moacir dos Anjos and TrAIN associate Guy Brett will present papers at this open seminar about Visual art in Latin America at the Royal College of Art. The title of Isobel’s paper is “Reading the archives of an unseen biennial: Sao Paulo 1973”. Guy will talk about: “Efficacy and Institution” and Moacir discusses: “In the absence of anything else, the archive. Notes on the work of Rosangela Renno”.

    The seminar will take place on Thursday 14 May from 2-7pm in lecture theatre 1.
    The address of the RCA is Kensington Gore, SW7 2EU.

    Please visit the Royal College of Art website for more details.

    Tuesday 12 May, 2009

  • Report

    New TrAIN Reader

    In this year’s University of the Arts London promotion round, the TrAIN Research Centre had another success. TrAIN Senior Research Fellow, Carol Tulloch, was promoted to Reader. Last year two core members, Michael Asbury and Yuko Kikuchi, were promoted to Reader, and TrAIN has now four Readers, all promoted while they were at TrAIN. Congratulations to Carol!

    Tuesday 31 March, 2009

  • Opportunity

    Call for papers - Transnational Latin American Art

    Transnational Latin American Art

    International Research Forum for Graduate Students and Emerging Scholars
    University of Texas at Austin, 6-7 November 2009 (ACES Building 2.302, Avaya Auditorium)
    In collaboration with the University of the Arts London (TrAIN) & the University of Essex

    Call for Paper Proposals: Deadline May 5 2009

    Viewing the history of Latin American art in terms of reception, contact and collaboration is
    an emergent paradigm exemplified by recent exhibitions, publications, and research projects.
    An International Research Forum on Transnational Latin America aims to create opportunities for emerging researchers to join experienced scholars in interrogating this area
    of research and its implications.

    Addressing art from 1950 to the present day, the forum concerns intra Latin American exchanges, as well as encounters between Latin America and Europe and the USA; it will
    explore contacts between individual artists and critics, the movements, groups and institutions and wider geopolitical and cultural contexts that have supported and provoked them, and the particular forms of art and its reception that transnational exchanges have generated.

    For more information please contact Ian Dudley (idudle@essex.ac.uk), AHRC Project Support Officer, Meeting Margins at the University of Essex

    Monday 23 March, 2009

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