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    Kimathi Donkor: Queens of the Undead

    Kimathi Donkor’s dramatic large-scale paintings express pathos, wrath, devotion and irony. This exhibition includes a series of new commissions by the artist celebrating heroic black women from history, shown alongside selected earlier works.

    Research texts written by curator/ writers David Dibosa (Chelsea College of Art & Design) and Carol Tulloch (University of the Arts) are displayed alongside the paintings, adding context and making reference to histories which might not be so apparent.

    About the artist’s work

    Kimathi Donkor’s work is constructed through extensive research both into history and the ideologically loaded genres of Western oil painting. The artist explores portraiture, narrative and art historical themes in his paintings, creating a body of work often conceived in dialogue with other artists from David and Velazquez, to Sargent and Bowling. This will be the first complete exhibition of painting to date at Rivington Place.

    Thursday 13 September, 2012

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    11 September 2012 – 23 September 2012
    Galerija Makina, Pula

    The exhibition is part of “TU SMO” 3 (We Are Here 3) an international multimedia event organised by The Museum of Contemporary Art Istria.

    The exhibition ‘A Riot Of Our Own’ looks at the Rock Against Racism (RAR) Movement of 1976 to1981, through 41 photographs by Syd Shelton. The exhibition was originally shown at CHELSEAspace London, in 2008. It was the idea of the artist Lara Ritosa-Roberts to show ‘A Riot of Our Own’ in Croatia and she secured Galerija Makina as the venue.

    Syd was a RAR (London) committee member and key graphic designer of its associated material such as, the paper Temporary Hoarding. He photographed performers such as ‘The Clash’, Elvis Costello’, ‘Misty n Roots’ and ‘The Specials’, members of the audience at RAR gigs across England and carnivals as in the history making RAR Carnival 1 at Victoria Park, London in 1978 and demonstrations as in another defining moment the ‘Anti National Front Demonstration’, Lewisham, London in 1977. Syd also took contextual social and cultural images that informed the politics of the movement across England and Ireland.

    Between 1976 and 1981 RAR confronted racist ideology, particularly that of the far-right organisation the National Front, in the streets, parks, town halls and pavilions across Britain. Syd’s photographs provide another aspect of that historical moment. Through this tangent, ‘A Riot of our Own’ revisits the energy of RAR, the creative entanglement of black and white musicians, designers, writers, actors, performers and supporters who produced effective counter-narratives to whiteness as superior and blackness as alienated. His photographs remind us that RAR was a particular treatise on belonging in Britain.

    Monday 10 September, 2012

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    Katharina Dubno Exhibition | TrAIN/KSB Resident Artist 2012 | WHAT THE WATER GAVE ME


    Rivers of water run down my London apartment window and again make me want to flee London. This anonymous, hectic place, where superficiality, consumption and stress determine the everyday life, where people hardly have time for a private life and thus no time to share and socialise .
    I want to be off to the shore, sit by the water, recover, calm down and think.
    And finally, this is where I find what I seeked! People with time, open mindedness, and a great sense of solidarity. A life in accordance with the rhythm of nature, full of creativity, the freedom and space for using imagination and expression of ideas- All that without the ‘benefit‘ of external rules and regulations.
    These people live in a houseboat community – families, singles, couples, retired people and students. I get the chance to become part of their lifes. We work, cook, sing and talk, we do the kids homeworks, we fix the boat‘s leaks, do gardening, meet up for Yoga, barbeques and parties.

    Even though rivers of water run down my houseboat window, I’m happy and I highly appreciate, what the water gave me.

    The Exhibition opens in the Triangle Gallery at Chelsea College of Art and Design on the 17th Septemebr and closes on 28th Septemeber.

    Tuesday 24 July, 2012

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    Sara Angel Guerrero Rippberger's Recent Publciation

    Current TrAIN PhD Student,Sara Angel Guerrero Rippberger, has been published in SOURCE: Notes in the History of Art, Vol. XXXI No.3 Spring 2012.

    Click here To see Sara’s profile for more inforamtion on her research.

    Thursday 12 July, 2012

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    Pop Art in Latin America - Collaborative Doctoral Award

    An exciting opportunity has arisen for a fully funded research degree studentship in the area of Pop Art in Latin America. This studentship is the result of a collaboration between Tate Modern and the Centre for Transnational Art, Identity & Nation (TrAIN) and is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council. For further information on this award and how to apply, please refer to the attached advert or follow the links below to the TrAIN and Research Degrees websites.

    TrAIN Courses |Pop Art in Latin America Collaborative Doctoral Award

    Research Degrees |How to Apply

    Thursday 28 June, 2012

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    12-13-14 June, 6.30 to 8.30 pm
    Amnesty International UK
    Human Rights Action Centre
    17-25 New Inn Yard
    London EC2A 3EA

    Autograph ABP, in collaboration with Amnesty International, presents ‘Roma: self-representation and the popular media’, a symposium bringing together activists, academics, journalists and artists.

    This event will address the history and current state of discrimination against Roma people throughout the European Union, the campaigns for their rights, and the question of their representation in society, media and culture. The presentations and discussions will draw on direct experience, field and academic research, recent court cases and testimonies.

    Programmed over three consecutive evenings, the symposium is arranged around three themes: Campaigners (12 June), Roma Voices (13 June), Creative Responses (14 June).

    Speakers include Elisabeth Blanchet, photographer; Dr Ethel Brooks, 2011-2012 Fulbright Visiting Distinguished Chair, University of the Arts London; Damian James Le Bas, writer and editor of the Travellers Times; Toma Nikolaev Maldenov, independent journalist and activist; Roz Mortimer, artist and filmmaker; Gary Thomas, director of Animate Projects; and campaigners from Amnesty International.

    The discussions will be chaired by Mark Sealy, Director of Autograph ABP, with curators Gabi Scardi and Christine Eyene. Each panel will be open to debate and discussion with the audience.

    This symposium forms part of the exhibition Roma-Sinti-Kale-Manush presented at Rivington Place until 28 July 2012 and is organised in association with Amnesty International UK.

    For a detailed programme visit www.rivingtonplace.org. You can also book online at bookings@rivingtonplace.org.

    Monday 11 June, 2012

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    TrAIN Open Lecture | 23rd May

    TrAIN Open Lecture | Political Issue in Art | A TrAIN Open Lecture by Iraqi Artist Hanaa’ Malallah and UK Duo Peter Kennard and Cat Phillips.

    TrAIN Research Centre Open Lecture Series presents
    Political Issue in Art; a talk by Hanaa’ Malallah & kennardphillips
    who are currently exhibiting Iraq: How, Where, For Whom? at
    Qattan Foundation/Mosaic Rooms.

    The talk will be introduced by Dr. Mo Throp and there will be a
    Q&A session afterwards.

    “First of all, I would like to point out this; I am not a political artist, but
    I am somehow political, because of my identity as an Iraqi, how I lived for
    35 years under war and I have been
    completely saturated by destruction and ruination of wars. I left Baghdad
    in November 2006, so, all my practice has emerged over a thirty five year
    period, in which my education and art practice have intertwined with
    experience of the Iran-Iraq war, the first Gulf War, the sanction regime and
    the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation, then on top of that now I
    am in exile! So, from this experience there is political issue in my
    artwork. Briefly, I am political artist by destiny! Comparison with
    Kennardphillips, who are completely political by choice.”
    Hanaa’ Malallah

    This event is free and open to all but places are limited so please RSVP to the TrAIN Administrator, Nick (n.tatchell@arts.ac.uk).

    Upcoming Open Lectures
    Wednesday 6th June – Luis Camnitzer Infogrpahy versus Geography

    Friday 18 May, 2012

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    Website Issues

    Due to some technical issues the TrAIN website was offline from Saturday 21st April until Wednesday 25th April.

    TrAIN would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Thursday 26 April, 2012

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    TrAIN Open Lecture

    TrAIN Open Lecture | Leah Gordon and Nadine Zeidler | Ghetto Biennale Open Lecture

    Date: Wednesday 09 May 2012, 17:15 to 19:00
    Location: Lecture Theatre – Chelsea College of Art and Design, SW1P 4JU (Atterbury Street entrance)

    The second edition of the Ghetto Biennale took place in November 2011 in Haiti. It was hosted once again by the Atis-Rezistans, the Sculptors of Grand Rue, who work and live in the slums of the red-zone in Port-au-Prince. This is referred to as, a Salon des Refusés for the 21st century, and it is an ambitious instance of marginalized artists seizing the initiative. They are asking the question ‘what happens when first world art rubs up against third world art. Does it bleed?’. That these artists have achieved visibility in the art world is due to their ability to take the structures that had excluded them, and deploy their strategies for their own ends. The Ghetto Biennale has, over its 2 installations, brought their work to the world’s attention without big budgets and big name artists.

    UK based curator Leah Gordon, who pioneered the Biennale with the artists, and Nadine Zeidler, Assistant Curator at Nottingham Contemporary, discuss the Biennale, its impact, as well as different curatorial approaches and exhibitions featuring the work of Atis-Rezistans like the upcoming exhibitions of Haitian art at Nottingham Contemporary in 2012.
    Leah Gordon’s film about Atis-Rezistans shot in 2008 will also be shown.

    Tuesday 17 April, 2012

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    TrAIN Open Lecture | Jacopo Crivelli Visconti |

    Weds 7th March 2012, 17:15 – 19:00
    Lecture Theatre – Chelsea College of Art and Design
    This event is free and open to all
    Places are strictly limited
    RSVP to n.tatchell@arts.ac.uk

    Since the end of the 1960s, the act of drifting, walking or strolling gradually established itself as a complex and fascinating artistic practice, which, in the course of the last four decades, underwent significant changes, thus maintaining its basic premises. The emphasis on the physical act, instead than on the creation of an object; the (utopian) will to turn that very act into the beginning of a transformation of both the artistic milieu and society as a whole; the contradictory nature of the photographic or video documentation that often results from the action; the recreation of a space for narrative in contemporary art: these are some of the issues, intrinsically related to the idea of the drifting, that will be touched upon in this lecture.

    Monday 27 February, 2012

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