TrAIN Associate Projects


Tap aims to identify relevant research across the University of the Arts London and support its development. TrAIN allocates seed funding and in-kind support to up to five projects each year.

Details on the 2012 deadline and application process will be announced on this webpage next academic year.

Information For Potential Applicants

TrAIN can offer:
Assistance in the development of bids for external funding
Seed funding (up to £500)
Support in booking spaces within UAL for any proposed events,
with associated publicity and administration

The successful applicants for the first round of Tap funding were Mark Dunhill & Tamiko O’Brien (CSM/Wimbledon); Emily Druiff, Director, Peckham Space (Camberwell); Gavin Fernandes (LCF);
Claudia Wegener (Camberwell) and Carey Young (LCC).

The succesful applicants for the second round of Tap funding were Rebecca Fortnum (CCW); Wiebke Leister/Sarah Davidmann (LCC); Pratap Rughani (LCC)and Keith Whittle (CSM).

Successful applicants for this year are: Ana Araujo (CCW), Chrystel Lebas (CCW) and Alison Green (CSM).

For more information about their funded projects: click through the names to the right.

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  • Carey_young_sam_belinfante_31_march_2011_mima_invite_final_thumb

    Carey Young

    TrAIN Associate Project Partner

    Carey Young was awarded TrAIN Associate Project (TAP) seed funding for the production of a new video work to be shot on location in Hungary. Featuring the artist in character as a confident corporate businesswoman, the proposed video explores ideas around propaganda and ancient Greek forms of rhetoric, and takes as its context the collapse of the former Soviet Union, and its ‘overthrow’ by the global spread of capitalism.
    Find out more about Carey Young

  • Gavin Fernandes

    TrAIN Associate Project Partner

    Gavin Fernandes’ photographic images are at once seductive and subversive; in series such as ‘Monarchs of the East End’ and ‘Empire Line’, he has used the visual language and techniques of fashion direction to confront attitudes towards gender, religion and identity. With TrAIN Associate Project (Tap) seed funding he will research and develop a new series of work that begins with an exploration of his own ancestry.
    Find out more about Gavin Fernandes

  • Dunhill & O'Brien

    TrAIN Associate Project Partner

    Dunhill and O’Brien (Mark Dunhill and Tamiko O’Brien) have been working collaboratively since 1998. In 2005 they established collabarts.
    Find out more about Dunhill & O'Brien

  • Emily Druiff

    TrAIN Associate Project Partner - Director, Peckham Space

    Through annual commissions, workshops and public events, Peckham Space supports art practice that forges sustainable links between the arts and the local community in South East London. Beginning with this emphasis on socially engaged artistic practice, TrAIN will support Emily Druiff, Director of Peckham Space, in the development of an Associate Project that considers this activity within a wider critical field.
    Find out more about Emily Druiff

  • Claudia Wegener

    TrAIN Associate Project Partner

    Claudia Wegener’s most recent project, No-Go-Zones, involved audio workshops and interactive broadcasts with young people living in South London. As an outcome of this project and its international dissemination, she has been invited to join the Centre for Civil Society (University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa) as a Visiting Scholar, and to present a Harold Wolpe Memorial Lecture on her work.
    Find out more about Claudia Wegener

  • Wiebke Leister

    TrAIN Associate Project Partner

    Wiebke Leister is a German artist and writer living in London. She studied photography at the University in Essen and holds a PhD from the Royal College of Art in London.
    Find out more about Wiebke Leister

  • Sara Davidmann

    TrAIN Associate Project Partner

    Sara Davidmann is an AHRC Research Fellow at London College of Communication. She completed a practice-led PhD at London College of Communication in 2007.
    Find out more about Sara Davidmann

  • Pratap Rughani

    TrAIN Associate Project Partner

    Pratap Rughani received support from the TAP fund in 2010. He used the resource to develop a documentary project on the ethics of coverage of atrocity, which led to the following further projects and publications in 2010:

    1) Following the show of some of this work at Find out more about Pratap Rughani

  • A_araujo_asas_thumb

    Ana Araujo

    TrAIN Associate Project Partner

    A Senior Lecturer at CCW, Ana Araujo was awarded Find out more about Ana Araujo

  • Alison Green

    TrAIN Associate Project Partner

    Alison Green was awarded Find out more about Alison Green