Dr. Amos Middleton (1779–1847)

Medicine, among the earliest forms of science, has contributed a very significant part in human life. It was established through the use of herbal products and guesswork. Back then, the use of sharp practices and charlatanism was allowed until the 18th century where it began to be informed through scientific procedures and analyses.

In the following century, imitations of such practices could be seen in Dutch paintings. However, allopathic medicine and anatomy still ruled in Holland as evidenced by Rembrandt’s

S. C. Dyke Seated in Laboratory (1886–1975)

“The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp” of 1632. This famous creation displays how powerful modern medicine was.

You can find a lot of incomparable paintings portraying all features of traditional medicine, different diseases, their treatments, and surgeries in the      Wellcome Library. You can see popular medical practitioners and researchers skilfully depicted through paintings in medical establishments and national art galleries.

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