How to Build a DIY Storage Wall to Your Art Studio for Less Than $100

Have you run out of photo storage spaces? Are your canvasses starting to pile up? Are you having difficulty in accessing your easel without having to move storage boxes? If so, you are in great need of thephotostick for extra storage space. Regardless of your studio size, you would probably need lots of storage spaces. However, you might think that adding storage spaces takes a lot of money.

Fortunately, adding DIY Storage Wall to your art studio is very affordable; you can do even build it under $100.

Things You Need to Consider in Building DIY Storage Wall

First, you should tidy up your art studio. Dispose of or donate those things that aren’t useful or needed. Don’t waste your studio or photo storage on things that give you little to no function at all.

Second, evaluate carefully the things you need in particular. Prepare a detailed list of all items you want to keep in your art studio, doing so will conclude the type of studio or photo storage wall you’ll need.

Lastly, decide the location where you want to build your DIY Storage Wall. Your options on location will be limited because of your doors, windows, switches, and outlets. If you’ve chosen a location, measure its height, width, and depth to know how much space you’ll be dealing with.

DIY Storage Wall Ideas

The spaces above the desks in your studio is of great use as an additional item or photo storage wall space. Never let any space of your art studio be a waste. Here are some selections you can choose to utilize storage:


A pegboard is one of the most versatile and useful forms of DIY wall storage. Plus, it’s very affordable too. One 4×8-foot of pegboard can be purchased for about less than $20 at any home center retail store. The hooks that go with it usually costs from $7 to $10.  Bear in mind to buy a pegboard spacers to generate a gap between the walls and pegboards to extend the hooks into the area fully.

Pegboards can hold a level, some scissors, a T-square, paintbrushes, masking tapes, dryer, scrapers, funnels, a brayer, a squeegee, and other studio materials.

Crib Rails

The crib rails are very easy to find materials and are usually cheap, as well. You can purchase it at a thrift shop or on yard sales. Turn the crib rails sideways, and same as pegboards, hang it with spacers. Use some S-hooks to hang your brushes and other materials on the rails.

Command Hooks & Strips

Tools such as command products are priceless for a storage-scarce studious. Command products now come with a wide range of styles and sizes and are easily applied to smooth walls and leaves no adhesive marks upon detachment.

Command products can hold dustpan and brooms, painting aprons, or your stencil collections. Command products can be bought at any home centers, discount stores, or hardware stores for only a few dollars.


The ideas mentioned above would cost you less than $100 only. You can either choose to incorporate just one, two, or all of them at once. You can visit yard sales or thrift shops for much cheaper items or photo storage wall materials. Why bother to spend more when going for an inexpensive DIY Storage Wall!

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