GRE Study Tips from Top Scorers

After putting all your studying efforts and earning yourself a diploma, your next step will always be grad school. Endless hours of studying and sleepless nights are still needed to pass your graduate record examinations or the so-called GRE. Before going to start this life changing experience, it is worth checking Magoosh GRE Prep Review and take decision with confidence.

The exam is usually made up of three sections:

  • Verbal reasoning (reading comprehension)
  • Quantitative reasoning (mathematical comprehension)
  • Writing

GRE is a long and intimidating test which has a significant effect on your future. However, there are various methods and approaches you can use to pass your GRE test. The following are a few tips on how to prepare for your GRE test as given by various GRE top scorers:

Study Smart

When going to the gym, you don’t usually choose which weight device to use and still expect the best results. However, coming up with a system will help focus on specific areas given a precise schedule.

This enables you to achieve your set goals. This scenario still applies when studying for your GRE. Thus, you need to come up with a system and work harder on specific areas and you will easily attain your target score.

According to Emma Thrush, one of the top scorers in GRE, you need to identify your method of study. Some people understand better when writing a few points down while others understand better through hearing. Thus, you need to look back on your college study habits to come up with your learning strengths which will assist you in creating a good study plan when doing your GRE practice.

Use the Right Study Tools

Emma also noted that you need to combine a study program with the best study tools. There are multiple study tools that can help you study effectively. You can choose to do a GRE practice by exploring other materials rather than the coursework which you might have already studied.

Don’t Cram

Emma Thrush also stated that cramming has never been beneficial to any study. Last-minute studying can make you burn out and also get a lower score because nothing sticks in your head.

Thus, you need to rest a few days before sitting for the GRE. Ellie Nypaver, who has enrolled for a master’s program in clinical social work, outlined the importance of studying for your GRE a few months before the test. You also need to be doing a few online tests.

Don’t Worry, Be happy

According to Jammie porter who is also a top scorer in GRE, one significant way to pass the GRE test is to have confidence and believe in yourself. Having confidence changes your mentality and perspective towards the test, allowing you to pass the test.

You also need to visit the test center some days before starting the exam. However, don’t plan to travel to the test center alone. You are likely to get bored and start thinking about the exam. Rather, have fun chats with a friend or a relative to make you feel good at these critical moments of your life.

However, it’s recommended to choose your friend to accompany you instead of your parents because most parents can only add to the tension. Brigid Carr, also one of the top scorers in GRE, noted that you should consider doing a few exercises before starting the exam. You can choose to have a deep breath or jog, but most importantly, ensure you have the right mentality towards the exam.

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