Fan Art Features the World of Dragon Ball Z

In the year 1996, 3 years before the world of pokemon dominated the US, a different world had taken over Japan since 1989 had launched its debut in the United States. This animated series’ name is Dragon Ball Z and it was famous because of the dragon ball z clothes. The story revolves around a man named Son Goku and his family of Saiyans together with his friends to fight off enemies who aim to destroy the earth and all of humanity.

In addition, as the title implies, the protagonist has to collect all seven dragon balls in order for them to revive the dragon within the dragon balls so that it can grant them three wishes.

The series eventually became popular among kids and adults alike and were dubbed to be aired in various countries throughout the world. It quickly became one of the most famous anime ever created even up to this day. The name Dragon Ball Z and Goku undeniably etched itself in TV history. Nowadays, the name Dragon Ball implies a picture of a man with spiky hair who transforms and shouts to become stronger who then fights powerful alien enemies. But the journey of the Dragon Ball Z series was from assured way back when the show firstly premiered. It went to a lot of challenges and struggles before becoming one of the most popular and most noted animes of all time.

Dragon Ball Z is the continuation of its predecessor series Dragon ball which follows the struggle and success of the adult Goku to save his family and the earth. It’s the previous series Dragon Ball features the life of the kid Goku in his journey to defeat the antagonist called the Red Company which aims to take over the world by finding all the Dragon Balls and wishing to have the power to control the world. Both the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball series was initially printed in mangas before being aired televisions all around the world. Recently, many fan arts had been made by fan artists and even making animations featuring fan theories.

No wonder this series became quickly popular because it is second to none when it comes to the action-packed fight scenes while also showing what’s good and evil. Moreover, it has many twists since the protagonists’ former foes can become an ally and an ally can become an enemy. The plot twists and the stories of this series are so well thought and no wonder it is still one of the most sought anime up to this time.

Nobody can deny the impact of this anime to people especially the 90’s kids where they had to hurriedly go home so that they won’t miss even one episode of this truly masterful anime. With the popularity of this series, over 15 films were produced and more than 100 video games were made which only increased its overall popularity. Many phrases, lines, and concepts were adopted by the newer animes which shows the influence of the Dragon Ball Z series to modern series and TV shows.

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