List of Online and Face-to-Face Art Tutors for High School Art Students

Private tuition is gaining popularity in most places across the world. If you want, you can read more hereabout a survey done by Sutton Trust, 24% of 11-16 years old students in Wales and England receive outside help at some point. Sutton Trust also found out that 40% of students in London get extra tuition from time to time throughout their schooling career.

The demand for online tutoring has gone higher in recent months because the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the traditional schooling setting. Therefore, many students have turned to online tutors for help.

Private art tutors

High school art students can also benefit from online tutoring services. There are plenty of private art tutors who can help you fulfill your potential in art qualifications such as AP Studio Art, IGCSE, NCEA, A-Level, GCSE, and IB.

These online platforms offer tutoring services such as artwork evaluations and specialized assistance in fine art, digital media, photography, graphic design, painting, and sculpture. You can also be guided on how to structure and present your art project.

However, other tutors offer face-to-face tutoring services. They are based in many locations, and you can reach them to organize for tuition. These services are offered at a small fee which is agreed upon before the commencement of the tuition.

Here is a list of some of the trusted art tutors who can offer private tuition to high school art students.

  1. Rodney Stratton

He is an experienced teacher who has taught art for 10 years. He has taught students in independent and state schools in Hong Kong, the UK, and New Zealand. He is therefore familiar with CIE IGCSE, A-Level Art, and AS. If you are an art student who needs tuition, you can consult him.

  1. Amy Atkinson

She has taught art in secondary schools for over 10 years, where she specialized in IB and IGCSE. She is currently a teacher at a high school in China. She can offer face-to-face tuition for those in Shenzhen in China or online tutoring through Skype or email.

  1. Beatrice Bonafini

She is an experienced art tutor who has taught high school students on portfolio presentation and interview practice. She helps students think critically about art by taking them to art institutions and galleries in London.

She offers both face-to-face and online tutoring services. You can contact her through her website or email.

  1. Emily So

Emily So is a fine arts graduate and an experienced art tutor. She specializes in digital painting, drawing, Adobe Photoshop, 2D animation, and video game graphics. Therefore, she can help you prepare your college application portfolios.

She offers online tuition through Skype or Google Hangouts. You can contact her through her website or email.

Final Thoughts 

Online tuition is gaining popularity in modern times as a significant percentage of high school students are now hiring private tutors. If you are a high school art student, you can also hire an art tutor from the above list. The tutor will help you realize your potential in your schooling career.

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