Things To Know Concerning Your Art Donation

If you are thinking of donating your art made by custom paint by number to a non-profit organization, then that is an excellent and noble thought. However, before you donate your valuable art, you must first know the following things:

  • Your Donation Should be Awesome

The piece of art that excites and makes you proud is the best to donate. This is because it represents quality work to all the invited members. Generosity in giving quality work will be highly exhibited. Careful thinking is required, and the art doesn’t need to be the masterpiece that has consumed a lot of your time. It is also good to discover the show’s aesthetic by having an idea of other arts to be involved.

  • Conduct Your Research

A good generosity is always the informed one so that the organization benefits a lot from your art donation. Charity watch is a nice website that will give you a lot of information about specific organizations. This powerful resource will give you highlights about the internal organizational structure, which includes its spending.

Philanthropy is deemed effective when you outline the practices of the company interested in. Getting in touch with the organizers is a key step as you will know what is expected from you. In addition, designs of work displays can also be shared with you in advance.

  • Utilize this Opportunity for Feedback

You might be under pressure until your art donation is made. This is mostly to new artists in their early stages of this career. If you fall under this category of artists, be keen to find out how people react to your artwork.

On the contrary, if you have already established your work, this is the best shot for trying a unique and fresh aesthetic. This display is directed to all interested and potential buyers.

  • Do Good Pricing

Use the current market price to guide you so that your artwork is competitive enough. Conduct a follow-up so that you are aware of the price range to be used in the event. Avoid undervaluing your work by ensuring you do not set very low prices.

  • Ensure Promotion is Capitalized

Art donation matters a lot to charities because they use it to promote their events. On the other hand, your art will be promoted by the event. This is a wise way to make your audience grow. Such collaboration is essential because both parties benefit. In case images of artwork are needed, it is important to share them before the attendees.

  • Ensure You Think Locally

Donors are highly required in the case of a local charity. This is an excellent target if you have an art that you are proud of. Even if you are involved in painting self portraits, find a chance to present your artwork. Local people from the hosting community who possess artistic skills are highly considered during such events.


Playing a role in any charity is essential as it will add to your audience and make you popular. Ensure you present your favorite artwork to win the hearts of many attendees. As you promote their event, you will also be promoted in terms of popularity.

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