Art Galleries

How to Gain Representation in Art Galleries

Do you want to display your craft in art galleries and on Top 20 Writing Services in 2020, yet you don’t know where to start? Well, the first thing you should bear in mind is that galleries aren’t your only option. There are always several other opportunities where you can sell your works of art. Getting into an art gallery can be your ultimate goal. So, start with baby steps while having...
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Art Tutoring via Online Classes

Tips for Supporting Your Career in Art Tutoring via Online Classes

Online classes suit the lifestyle of almost everyone same as online tutoring jobs. However, teaching a hands-on lesson in an environment where you can’t personally interact with your student is no walk in the park. With that said, here are some tips for you to help you apply your art teaching philosophy while tutoring via online classes. These tips will also suggest to you several ways on how...
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Artwork Exhibition

Tips for Wall Labels for Your Artwork Exhibition

A lot of art exhibitions initially put the statement by the artist. The lengthy texts provide a disclaimer about what color labels the art viewer is about to see to the art. The individual labeling just next to every artwork follows that. The art labels should consist of the artist's name, title, the name of the artwork, and the medium or technique used to create it. Here are some helpful tips on...
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High School Art Students

List of Online and Face-to-Face Art Tutors for High School Art Students

Private tuition is gaining popularity in most places across the world. If you want, you can read more here about a survey done by Sutton Trust, 24% of 11-16 years old students in Wales and England receive outside help at some point. Sutton Trust also found out that 40% of students in London get extra tuition from time to time throughout their schooling career. The demand for online tutoring has...
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Korean Art

Influence of Religion on Korean Art

Landscape painting has become a prominent and integral part of Korean cult and culture compared to other types of painting. This is because nature was considered a living entity that symbolizes an important part of the higher spiritual being as well as human life. Landscape painting was also highly regarded because of the influence of the Confucianism and neo-Confucianism philosophy that was...
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Dragon Ball Z

Fan Art Features the World of Dragon Ball Z

In the year 1996, 3 years before the world of pokemon dominated the US, a different world had taken over Japan since 1989 had launched its debut in the United States. This animated series' name is Dragon Ball Z and it was famous because of the dragon ball z clothes. The story revolves around a man named Son Goku and his family of Saiyans together with his friends to fight off enemies who aim to...
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CBD Make You a Better Artist

How can CBD Make You a Better Artist

Cannabidiol is one of the many chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol or more commonly known as CBD is non-intoxicating. It does not cause the high feeling that people get in using marijuana. Therefore, using CBD is safe since it does not lead to dependence or addiction. Using the CBD oil is popular these days as it is said to have lots of therapeutic effects in the human...
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Art Studio

How to Build a DIY Storage Wall to Your Art Studio for Less Than $100

Have you run out of photo storage spaces? Are your canvasses starting to pile up? Are you having difficulty in accessing your easel without having to move storage boxes? If so, you are in great need of thephotostick for extra storage space. Regardless of your studio size, you would probably need lots of storage spaces. However, you might think that adding storage spaces takes a lot of money....
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Dancing has been around for a long time and is a usual theme in paintings since it has become a part of the culture to many private and public lives. Many homes are covered in decor that respresents dance. Dance is considered a part of an iconic subject as a recreational activity of an idealised history during the Renaissance period. In the 17th century, artists started to rejoice normal life...
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We are able to visualise how artists created their works through existing sketches and research. To give us a deeper understanding of how their workplace seems like, they have painted and designed their own workrooms. There are several training establishments, museums, and personal art collections where artists honour their expertise and pay tribute to their sponsors. Some consider sports like...
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