Why Donate

With your donations, we are able to share the rich art of the United Kingdom not just across the country but all over the world. We are very thankful for all the donations we received.

If you’re planning to make a donation, here are the reasons why you should start:

  • Transnational is able to bring about 80% of the UK’s art collection to the public worldwide. At one point, they were just hidden in storerooms of museums and establishments.
  • Transnational inspires people to go to art shows and delivers enjoyable learning activities.
  • Transnational provides an online platform to numerous UK art collections that don’t have the capability to be showcased on their own site.
  • Since Transnational is always accessible and free to everyone, we need financial assistance so we could maintain our site.
  • Transnational depends only on the generosity of art-enthusiast individuals and organizations since we are only a small institution and we don’t get ordinary public donations.

Please contact us if you want to donate.