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New suburb of Tangier placed in former mining region La Unión, Murcia, from the Imported Landscapes series, 2010, Corinne Silva.

Conference Date: March 1st 2012, 9.30am-18:00pm

Banqueting Hall and Red Room

’Contested Sites/Sights’ is the theme of this Student-led research conference sponsored by the Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity, and Nation (TrAIN).

“[If we think of place] as formed out of social interrelations at all scales, then one view of a place is as a particular articulation of those relations, a particular moment in those networks of social relations and understandings.”

Doreen Massey, ‘Space, Place, Gender’ (1994)

Using Massey as a platform for the open call, ‘Contested Sites/Sights’ invited contributions from PhD students whose research is concerned by equivocal territories “where consensus cannot be reached’. Particularity, subjectivity, as well as embodiment, are viewed as key elements of such territories in terms of how these are viewed or interpreted. Hence the choice of the binomial Sites/Sights, which can be approached either as two separate working categories or as a conceptual interplay which is dependent on both terms.

Through their chosen practice and theory based PhD’s this small, yet significant group of Doctoral Candidates at University of the Arts, London and TrAIN, will exchange ideas and practices, with a selected number of PhD students from other UK Universities.

Contested Sites/Sights will bring together research projects, which challenge dominant ways of perceiving identities and bodies, spaces and places as well as questioning visual representations of these. Presentation modes will vary and will include alongside slide presentations also visual and performed dialogues, a market stall and a site-specific sound piece – promising a creative exchange of ideas.

Keynote Speaker: Eyal Sivan, documentary film-maker and theoretician. Reader (Associate Professor) in media production and co-leading the MA program in film, video and new media at the school of Arts and Digital Industries (ADI), at the university of east London. Panels Chaired by TrAIN Research centre academic staff

This event is free and open to all but places are limited so please RSVP to the TrAIN Administrator, Nick (


9.30 Registration (Refreshments provided)

9.55 Introduction

10.00 Eyal Sivan Keynote Speaker including Q & A (Documentary film-maker and Reader, Associate Professor,University of East London)

Caroline Rabourdin – To be read from left to right, to be heard from right to left: Reversal Phenomenon, Language and Disorientation (Chelsea College of Art & Design, UAL, Part-time PhD)

Julie Marsh – Towards the Construction of a Moving Theory of Site(London College of Communication, UAL, Part-time PhD)

Idit Nathan – Walk on the Art Side – Seven Walks in a Holy City – Exploring a Contested Landscape Through Play
(Central St Martinʼs College of Art and Design, UAL, Part-time PhD)

11.50 Panel Discussion

12.05 Break
From 12.15 – 7pm ‘Silent Zone/Site and Sound’ – An ongoing live, site specific sound work in the Silent Zone of the Old Chelsea Library, (accessed off the main library in Block C) performed by Tansy Spinks, a p/t PhD student based in Sound Research group CRiSAP at LCC.

Ope Lori – The Black Female Body as a Contested Site
(Chelsea College of Art & Design, UAL, Full-time PhD)

Maria Kheiirkhah and Elizabeth Manchester – Hair about the Woman
(Chelsea College of Art & Design, UAL, Full-time/Part-time PhD, both respectively)

13.05 Panel discussion

13.15 Lunch break

Nina Vollenbröker – “Experienced Locations” – The Borderlands of the Nineteenth- Century American West as Sites of Rootedness and Belonging
(Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, Full-time, AHRC Funded PhD)

Corinne Silva – Imported Landscapes: Using Photography and Installation to
Instigate a Visual Dialogue Between Southern Europe and Northern Africa
(London College of communication, UAL, Full-time, PhD)

Pamela Kember – Residual Spaces
(Chelsea College of Art & Design, UAL, Full-time PhD)

Madeline Yale – Trafficking Photographs in the UAE – Problematising Perceptions
Of Identity and Belonging(Chelsea College of Art & Design, UAL, PhD)

15.25 Panel discussion

15.45 Break

Kathy O’Brien – The Impact of Government-led Arts Based Interventions in Southwark 1985-2012
(London College of Fashion, UAL, Part-time PhD)

Valerie Diggle – Belonging /Ownership: Constructions of Private vs.Public Spheres(University College Falmouth, Part-time PhD)

Eray Çayli – Performed Narratives and Architectural Memorialization in Contested Sites: The Case of the Madımak Hotel and the 18th Annual Commemoration of the Sivas Massacre
(Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, MPhil/PhD)

Katy Bienart and Rebecca Bienart – The Darling Salt Pans and Produce Company
(Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, Part-time, PhD)

17.20 Panel Discussion

17.35 Closing and wine reception

Click here to visit Eyal Sivan’s Website Eyal Sivan’s website


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