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    Feature Film 'The Receptionist'

    Artist Jenny Lu will be talking about the making of her first feature film 'The Receptionist' and the relationship between her film and her doctoral research. She will also screen the film.

    The Receptionist director Jenny Lu and actor Shuang Teng ...

    THE RECEPTIONIST is based on a true story and follows the lives of women whose dreams of a better life in London have been crushed by the harsh reality and seeming cruelty of the world, which has forced them to take up jobs in an illegal message parlour. As seen through the eyes of a receptionist working at the massage parlour, the film shows a hidden Britain that we are all too willing to overlook or forget. It also tells a very human story of friendship, of shared experiences and how some are able to live and survive while others will simply fade away under their burdens.

    Jenny Lu is a Fine Art (Practice) PhD graduate from Chelsea Cllege of Art. Her work is based on the theme of 'home' and other related subjects. Her first feature film, 'The Receptionist' has been nominated for ‘Best Film’ for Milan and Salento International Film Festival 2017. She is the winner of 'Best Emerging Director' for the 40th AAIFF, New York. The film has also been screen-ing in Edinburgh, Durban International, Raindance and London East Asian Film Festival this year. Chen Shiang Chyi has been nominated for Best supporting Actress for Taiwn Golden Horse Film Awards in 2017.

    This event will be held on Thursday, 8th March 2018 6-8pm September at Lecture Theatre.


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