Call for papers - Transnational Latin American Art

Transnational Latin American Art

International Research Forum for Graduate Students and Emerging Scholars
University of Texas at Austin, 6-7 November 2009 (ACES Building 2.302, Avaya Auditorium)
In collaboration with the University of the Arts London (TrAIN) & the University of Essex

Call for Paper Proposals: Deadline May 5 2009

Viewing the history of Latin American art in terms of reception, contact and collaboration is
an emergent paradigm exemplified by recent exhibitions, publications, and research projects.
An International Research Forum on Transnational Latin America aims to create opportunities for emerging researchers to join experienced scholars in interrogating this area
of research and its implications.

Addressing art from 1950 to the present day, the forum concerns intra Latin American exchanges, as well as encounters between Latin America and Europe and the USA; it will
explore contacts between individual artists and critics, the movements, groups and institutions and wider geopolitical and cultural contexts that have supported and provoked them, and the particular forms of art and its reception that transnational exchanges have generated.

For more information please contact Ian Dudley (idudle@essex.ac.uk), AHRC Project Support Officer, Meeting Margins at the University of Essex

Monday 23 March, 2009